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Last update:   13/12/2017

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Type Artist Title Label Euro  
12" BEESMUNT SOUNDSYSTEM Sensual Works EP Honey Soundsystem Records   (hny013) 18.90
12" BURIAL Pre Dawn / Indoors Non Plus Records   (nonplus043) 13.90
2LP BURIAL Untrue Hyperdub   (hdblp002) 22.90
LP CONRAD SCHNITZLER & PHARMAKUSTIK Kontraktion Rotorelief   (rotor0051) 24.50
LP DANIEL MENCHE & AARON TURNER Nox Sige Records   (sige055) 21.90
LP+7" DIVE POSITION The Shining Path Anna Logue Records   (anna056) 21.50
12" DOORMOUSE Fractured Hearts Peace Off   (poffltd011) 6.90
3x12" EXTRAWELT Fear Of An Extra Planet Cocoon   (corlp041) 34.90
12" FLYING LOTUS Pattern + Grid World Warp Records   (wap308) 13.90
12" HELENA HAUFF Have You Been There, Have You Seen It Ninja Tune   (zen12469) 13.50
13LP+7" HENRI CHOPIN Recordings 1955 - 1991 (Two boxes including Book) Vinyl On Demand   (vod151.1+2) 285.00
2LP HERMANN NITSCH 17.09.2009 Orgelkonzert, Pauluskerk, Tilburg Dead Mind Records   (dmr21) 19.90
LP IN CAMERA Rumours Dom Bartwuchs   (dombw08) 17.90
4LP+7" LARRY WENDT Recordings 1975 - 1979 Vinyl On Demand   (vod152) 99.90
12" MOODYMANN The Telephone EP Peacefrog   (pfg018) 11.90
12" SHINA WILLIAMS & HIS AFRICAN PERCUSSIONISTS Agb'Oju L'Ogun Strut   (strut154s) 16.50
12" SKD Surges Metaphysik   (mp203) 11.50
LP STACIAN Person L Night School Records   (lssn053) 20.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS 80s Underground Cassette Culture Volume 1 Contort Yourself   (cy80lp01) 26.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Until The Lion Learns How To Write, Every Story Will Glorify The Hunter Uncompromising Analog Terror   (uat#11) 10.50