World Funk Jazz

Type Artist Title Label Euro  
LP ABY NGANA DIOP Liital Awesome Tapes From Africa   (atfa010) 24.50
LP AFROBEAT MAKERS Tony Allen Rhythms Revisited Comet Records   (comet055) 22.50
LP ALÈMAYÈHU ESHÈTÈ Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol.2 l'Arome Productions   (lap010lp) 17.90
LP ASSIYO BELLEMA Golden Years Of Modern Ethiopian Music Mississippi / Change   (mrp029) 23.50
LP ATA KAK Obaa Sima Awesome Tapes From Africa   (atfa014) 29.90
LP BABLA ORCHESTRA Babla's Disco Sensation Polydor   (2392935) 19.90
LP BATIDA Dois Soundway   (sndwlp059) 17.90
LP+7" BETTY DAVIS They Say I'm Different Light In The Attic Records   (lita027) 23.90
LP CAETANO VELOSO Tropicalia Lilith Ltd   (lr131) 19.90
LP CHAINO AND HIS PERCUSSION SAFARI Jungle Echoes Black Sweat Records   (bs020) 22.90
7" DALTON Alech / Soul Brother Habibi Funk   (habibi001) 11.90
LP DIEW SOR ISAN The North East Thai Violin Of Thonghuad Faited Em Records   (em1101lp) 19.90
2LP DINOSAUR L 24 ---> 24 Music Traffic Entertainment Group   (teg76530-1) 21.50
LP DJ SARDENA Studio Sardena Nashazphone   (np14) 19.90
LP EBO TAYLOR AND THE PELIKANS Ebo Taylor And The Pelikans Superfly Records   (srlp019) 29.90
LP EZY & ISAAC Soul Rock Hot Casa Records   (hc38) 29.90
LP FADOUL Al Zman Saib Habibi Funk   (habibi002) 23.90
LP FANFARE CIOCARLIA Best Of Gypsy Brass Asphalt Tango Records   (lpatr2409) 19.90
2LP FAR OUT MONSTER DISCO ORCHESTRA A 20th Year Celebration Recording Far Out Recordings   (faro181dlp) 29.50
2LP FINIS AFRICAE A Last Discovery: The Essential Collection 1984 - 2001 Em Records   (em1113dlp) 28.90
2LP FRANCIS BEBEY African Electronic Music 1975 - 1982 Born Bad Records   (bb039) 25.90
2LP FRANCIS BEBEY Psychedelic Sanza 1982 - 1984 Born Bad Records   (bb064) 25.90
LP FRANCIS THE GREAT Ravissante Baby / Look Up In The Sky Hot Casa Records   (hc35) 28.90
2LP GUELEWAR Halleli N'Dakarou Teranga Beat   (tblp014) 22.90
7" HAILU MERGIA Hailu / Yegle Nesha Philophone   (ph45004) 10.90
2LP HAILU MERGIA & HIS CLASSICAL INSTRUMENT Shemonmuanaye Awesome Tapes From Africa   (atfa004) 32.90
LP HAILU MERGIA AND THE WALIAS Tche Belew Awesome Tapes From Africa   (atfa012) 29.90
LP HANNIBAL The Tribe Kindred Spirits   (ksfs4nlp) 12.90
LP HASABÈ Hasabè Mississippi / Change   (mrp027) 23.50
LP HOSONO & YOKOO Cochin Moon NK Records   (nk01) 22.50
LP HUMAN EGG Human Egg Favorite Recordings   (fvr050) 23.50
LP IBIBIO SOUND MACHINE Ibibio Sound Machine Soundway   (sndwlp057) 20.90
2LP ILAIYARAAJA Ilectro ! Finders Keepers   (fkr058lp) 27.50
TAPE JAHARI Situations Peoples Potential Unlimited   (none) 10.90
12" JAMES PANTS vs (THEE) MIKE B Through The Rabbit Hole / No Stoppin' The Slide Whatchawannado   (wwd001) 10.50
LP JAMIE LIDELL Compass Warp Records   (warplp192) 18.90
12" JEAN-MARIE BOLANGASSA Brazzaville Percussions EP Sofrito Specials   (sss011) 17.50
LP JERI-JERI 800% Ndagga Ndagga   (nd06) 22.90
LP JERI-JERI Ndagga Versions Ndagga   (nd07) 20.90
12" JERI-JERI with MBENE DIATTA SECK Mark Ernestus Presents Ndagga   (nd01) 12.50
12" JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH Potential / E-Man Boogie Funk Master   (fm101-1) 11.50
LP JOMBO Pure Pleasure Tembo   (temlp8102) 19.90
LP KAREL VLACH ORCHESTRA, THE Saxana - The Girl On A Broomstick (Original Soundtrack) Finders Keepers   (fkr039lp) 21.50
2LP KARL HECTOR AND THE MALCOUNS Unstraight Ahead Now Again   (na5114) 26.90
12" KONKOMA Remixes Soundway   (sndw12017) 20.90
12" KORD We Live In This Enfant Terrible   (et033) 15.50
LP KRZYZTOF KOMEDA Rare Jazz And Film Music Volume One Adventure In Sound   (ais002) 23.90
LP L'ORCHESTRE SIDI YASSA DE KAYES l'Orchestre Sidi Yassa De Kayes Kindred Spirits   (ks-mali-04n) 12.90
LP LE KÉNÉ-STAR DE SIKASSO Le Kéné-Star De Sikasso Kindred Spirits   (ks-mali-05n) 12.90
LP LEON LOWMAN Liquid Diamonds Music From Memory   (mfm001) 17.50
LP MAMMANE SANI Mammane Sani Et Son Orgue - La Musique Electronique Du Niger Sahel Sounds   (ss011) 21.90
LP MANDRÉ 4 Isle De Joie / Mandre Freaks Back (transparent vinyl) Rush Hour   (rh-rss1) 11.90
LP MARTÍN LÓPEZ Y SUS ESTRELLAS Cocinando (ltd.500) Masstropicas   (tropic11) 23.90
LP MERIDIAN BROTHERS Los Suicidas Soundway   (sndwlp078) 19.90
2LP MERIDIAN BROTHERS Salvadora Robot Soundway   (sndwlp064) 23.50
2LP ORCHESTRE SUPER BORGOU DE PARAKOU The Bariba Sound 1970 - 1976 Analog Africa   (aalp071) 23.90
LP ORGANIZATION, THE Creative Sounds Of The Organization Wirl Records   (w058) 24.50
2LP+CD PAT THOMAS AND KWASHIBU AREA BAND Pat Thomas And Kwashibu Area Band Strut   (strut126lp) 33.90
LP+CD PIERO UMILIANI Fischiando In Beat Schema Records   (sceb932lp) 26.90
10" RED FULKA Moai Sunset / Kumpo Elevator People   (ep001) 9.50
LP REMO RAU QUARTET, THE An Evening At The Cafe Africana Sonorama   (l-84) 23.50
12" ROCKETNUMBERNINE & FOUR TET Roseland / Metropolis Text Records   (text023) 13.50
LP+7" SEMI-COLON, THE Ndia Egbuo Ndia (Afro Jigida) Comb & Razor   (crzr1002) 24.50
LP SNOWBOY AND THE LATIN SECTION Communication Freestyle Records   (fsrlp047) 16.90
LP STANISLAS TOHON Dans Le Tchink Systeme Hot Casa Records   (hc33) 28.90
LP SUN RA Medicine For A Nightmare Doxy   (dox821) 19.50
LP SUN RA The Antique Blacks (ltd.1000 deluxe edition) Kindred Spirits   (ksay-5) 18.90
2LP SUN RA ARKESTRA 3rd September 1988 Chicago Klondike   (kl2lp5011) 26.90
7" TEX SOUL AND THE BAYONETS Uto Nwa / Osi Na Ngada Academy LP's / Alps   (ass004) 10.90
2LP TIMELESS Suite For Ma Dukes Mochilla   (molp008) 29.90
LP TONY ALLEN Black Voices Kindred Spirits   (ksta-06) 17.90
2LP TONY COOK Video's Are Taking Over Stones Throw Records   (sth2254) 23.90
LP TRASH OR TREASURE Kerbside Collection Légère Recordings   (leg090vl) 18.90
LP TRIO VALORE Return Of The Iron Monkey Record Kicks   (rkx023lp) 20.50
12" TSHETSHA BOYS Bafana Bafana / Dyambu Jiaolong   (jiaolong010) 12.50
12" UNDERDOG EDITS vol.11 Underdog Edits   (udet11) 10.90
LP UNKNOWN Deep Throat prt.2 - movie soundtrack Light In The Attic Records   (lita012) 20.90
LP UNKNOWN Modern Mayan - The Indian Music Of Chiapas Mexico Mississippi / Change   (mrp058) 19.90
LP UNKNOWN ARTIST Music From The Mountain Provinces Numerophon   (44006) 25.90
2x12" VARIOUS ARTISTS 90 Degrees Of Shade Vol.1 Soul Jazz Records   (sjrlp290-1) 26.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS A Short Life Of Trouble Mississippi / Change   (mrp036) 18.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Africa Airways Two - Funk Departures 1973-1982 Africa Seven   (asvn010) 26.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Balani Show Super Hits - Electronic Street Parties From Mali Sahel Sounds   (ss021) 20.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Bed Of Pain Mississippi / Change   (mrp017) 19.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Bombay Disco 2 Cultures Of Soul   (cos011lp) 29.90
2x12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Bossa Nova - And The Rise Of Brazilian Music In The 1960s Vol.2 Soul Jazz Records   (sjrlp239v2) 21.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Brass Pins And Match Heads - International 78s Mississippi / Change   (mrp083) 18.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Dramatic Funk Themes Vol.4 Showup Records   (showup09lp) 21.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Harafin So - Bollywood Inspired Film Music From Hausa Nigeria Sahel Sounds   (ss014) 24.50
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Home Schooled - The ABCs Of Kid Soul Numero Group   (num016) 23.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Hypnotic Cajun & Obscure Zydeco Moi J'Connais Records   (mjcr002) 21.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Hypnotic Cajun & Obscure Zydeco 2 Moi J'Connais Records   (mjcr029) 23.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Ivory Coast Soul - Afrofunk In Abidjan 72-82 Hot Casa Records   (hc14) 27.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Kassidat - Raw 45s From Morocco Parlortone   (pt2004) 18.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS Let It Happen / Take A Chance Supersound   (und010) 11.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Let's Boogaloo! Vol.6 Record Kicks   (rkx045lp) 20.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Monteparnasse 2000 Classics Pulp Flavor Recordings   (dd035lp) 18.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Movements Vol.7 Tramp Records   (trlp9042) 28.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Play That Beat Mr. Raja #1 Cartilage   (cart03) 24.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Pomegranates Finders Keepers   (fkr029lp) 25.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Psych Funk 101 World Psychedelic Funk Classics   (wpfc101) 34.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Rewind! 6 Ubiquity Records   (urlp344) 25.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Soul City New York - Big Apple Labels And The Dawn Of Soul Music Fantastic Voyage   (fvdv169) 29.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Strange Gods Are Coming - The Blues Roots Of The Doors Rock 'N Blues   (rnblp505) 16.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Thai? Dai! Finders Keepers   (fkr044lp) 23.50
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS The Rough Guide To African Disco Music Rough Guides   (rgnet1296lp) 19.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS The Secret Museum Of Mankind - Central Asia Ethnic Music Classics 1925 - 48 Outernational   (outre004) 29.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS The Sound Of Siam Vol.2 Soundway   (sndwlp058) 26.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS To What A Strange Place Vol.1: Naughty Girl Mississippi / Change   (mrp018) 17.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS To What A Strange Place Vol.2: I Wish I Never Came Mississippi / Change   (mrp019) 17.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS To What A Strange Place Vol.3: Notes From Home Mississippi / Change   (mrp020) 17.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Township Jive & Kwela Jazz 1940 - 1960 Ubuntu Publishing   (up2011-004) 15.90
LP VARIOUS ARTISTS Township Jive & Kwela Jazz Vol.3 1960 - 1965 Ubuntu Publishing   (op2014-006) 18.90
2LP VARIOUS ARTISTS West Indies Funk Trans Air   (tra424003) 23.90
12" VARIOUS ARTISTS World Turns Around / Why Why Why (limited 350) Supersound   (und017) 11.50
LP VAUDOU GAME Apiafo Hot Casa Records   (hc32) 24.90
LP WALO SHATAN GWARI African Music Village Touch   (t33.3v) 14.90
2LP WARSAW AFROBEAT ORCHESTRA Wendelu Ubiquity Records   (urlp342) 26.90
LP WITCH Kuomboka Invisible Cities Editions   (ice006) 19.90